The Declaration of Principles and Values of the Small Producers’ Symbol contains the collective philosophical and socio-political foundations of the Symbol. It is based on the principles and values of the small producers’ organizations that made the creation of this symbol possible.

These Principles and Values were generated, developed, respected and promoted by a myriad of organizations of small producers – small farmers, indigenous people and rural artisans – in Latin America, the Caribbean and other continents over the last decades. These organizations are not only economic-oriented organizations, such as production and marketing cooperatives, but in essence, they are social organizations that seek to effectively and efficiently dignify the lives of the affiliated producers, their families, and their communities.

By means of this document, the small producers’ organizations that founded the Small Producers’ Symbol describe and promote their vision not only of small farmers’ organizations, but also of society and the economy in general.

The Declaration of Principles and Values also allows these small producers’ organizations to distance themselves from the principles, values, and practices that prevail in the current dominant global economic system and that are not inclusive or sustainable, in economic, environmental or social terms

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