SPP Global (Before FUNDEPPO) is the Small Producers Symbol, a civil association created on August 1, 2006.

SPP Global owns the SPP and is the entity dedicated exclusively to developing and promoting the alliance represented by the Small Producers’ Symbol. It is the only entity that may authorize the use of the SPP label to users and that may authorize the application of the SPP’s certification program to Certification Entities.

SPP Global is owned by certified small producers’ organizations. These owners, however, do not intervene in certification processes, since the latter are carried out by third parties. Among SPP Global Solidarity Members are National Networks of Small Producers, SPP Registered Buyers, and Civil Society Associations. Also, CLAC is an Honorary Member of SPP Global.

SPP Global has a General Assembly, Board of Directors, Surveillance Committee, Standards and Procedures Committee, Dissents Committee, a Committee for SPP’s Support Fund, and an Operations Team.


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