On Saturday, April 16, in the framework of SCAA Expo activities, the SPP held its “Annual Event for Strategic Planning and Exchange between SPP Coffee Buyers and Small Producers.” In attendance were over 40 persons including producers, buyers, certifiers and other interested persons.

The feedback provided by those attending the presentation of SPP’s advances and its proposal for its 2016-2020 Strategic Plan was generally very positive, as there is a perception of visible progress in SPP’s works and results.

Also emphasized was the importance of expanding the current market, incorporating more buyers into the SPP system and seeking a closer relationship with final buyers.

In particular participants expressed their enthusiasm for the five areas defined in the Strategic Plan, especially the first two campaigns: “Stop Climate Change, together with Small Producers” and “Women Small Producers in Action.” The other areas are: “High Quality in Crafts,” “Local Anti-Migration Economies,” and “Young Producers-Consumers Alliance.”

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