As small producers’ organizations and companies associated with the Small Producer’s Symbol (SPP), we would like to share our vision of fair trade in this declaration, on the basis of our work and experience over the last three decades.
Although we do not believe in a ‘one and only’ truth, it seems extremely important to us that our vision of fair trade be known and acknowledged by the fair trade movement and by participating companies and consumers. This is especially with the aim of avoiding a collapse of fair trade in light of the imminent risk of becoming absorbed by the modus operandi of the conventional market, thus losing its essence, the gains achieved and its power of transformation.
In this declaration we will briefly present our vision of fair trade’s origin, the historic role of fair trade for small producers, the original principles and values of fair trade, and the achievements and threats to fair trade. We will then end with an “Urgent Call to Save Fair Trade”…

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