In this section of the newsletter, we will be highlighting the characteristics of the SPP as a label developed by small producers in the international fair trade movement. The texts below come from Frequently Asked Questions as they appear in our website: www.spp.coop

What distinguishes the SPP symbol from other fair trade labels is primarily that it is an initiative that is 100% owned by small producers and governed by small producers, it works only with organized small producers, and it requires a serious commitment from companies.

Ownership and Governing Structure

Producers and Ownership

SPP-certified small producers’ organizations make up 100% of FUNDEPPO’s and the SPP’s owners or ‘Owner Members.’ In other labels, the continent-based producers’ networks for Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific are owners of 50% of the votes.

‘Small Producers’ or ‘Producers’

In the SPP, 100% of its certified producers’ organizations are small producers’ organizations. In other labels, their continent-based networks of producers are made up of small producers’ organizations, unorganized small producers (‘production by contract’) and workers on private plantations.


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