On July 6 the Small Producers’ Symbol held its General Assembly virtually for the first time, lasting over six hours.

Participating at this Fifth Assembly were over 50 representatives of small producers’ organizations, national small producers’ networks, final buyers and civil society organizations, as well as observers and SPP Global collaborators.

The programmed agenda was covered at this Fifth Assembly, and its objectives were met. SPP Global President Rosa Guamán welcomed participants and installed the Board of Directors. After the legally-required quorum was established, granting validity to the assembly, the event began.

Rosa Guamán presented the Annual Operations Report; Santiago Paz, SPP Global Treasurer, presented the Financial Report; Elías Choconapi, Oversight Committee president, presented his committee’s report; and Celso Eleuterio, Board member, presented the final 2016-2020 Strategic Plan document that was approved unanimously, as were modifications to the Legal By-laws and Internal Regulations, which were presented by Nicolás Eberhart, another Board member.

Lastly, during the assembly’s closing and evaluation, those in attendance expressed their satisfaction with the way the event took place, congratulating all participants and acknowledging the importance of having used technology for holding the Fifth General Assembly.

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