On May 14 the SPP celebrated World Fair Trade Day, as did many small producers’ organizations around the world. SPP President Rosa Guamán, alongside the Ecuadoran Fair Trade Network (Coordinadora Ecuatoriana de Comercio Justo), led a procession in the Ecuadoran city of Riobamba. Participating were about 300 persons committed to fair trade, local authorities and individuals belonging to educational institutions, accompanied by comparsas, music and parade floats.

After the procession, a producers’ fair was held, with the sale of products including honey, coffee, cacao, teas and crafts. Lastly, a series of presentations were offered, focused on Fair Trade experiences and perspectives. Especially worth highlighting was a proposal to transform the city into the “Latin American Fair Trade Capital.”

The first World Fair Trade Day was declared in 2001, an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization. It is celebrated on the second Saturday of May each year, with the objective of recognizing the values and contributions of fair trade, counteracting the negative impacts of current production and trade models.

Images courtesy of: Latin American Cities and Towns up for Fair Trade

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