It refers to documents that all actors (Small Producers’ Organizations, Final Buyers, Importers, Maquila, Certification Entities) must comply as a foundation with the SPP system.

Small Producers’ Symbol Handbook

This document, “Small Producers’ Symbol Handbook,” describes the entire SPP System, through the various categories of documents.

Small Producers’ Symbol Handbook

Declaration of Principles and Values

The Declaration of Principles and Values of the Small Producers’ Symbol contains the collective philosophical and socio-political foundations of the Symbol. It is based on the principles and values of the small producers’ organizations that made the creation of this symbol possible.

Read the Declaration of Principles and Values here

Code of Conduct

This code reflects the good conduct that FUNDEPPO believes should be followed at all times by the stakeholders involved in the Small Producers’ Symbol.

The Code of Conduct is not a part of FUNDEPPO’S General Standard. Nevertheless, it does serve as a general framework to be followed. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in exclusion from participation in the Small Producers’ Symbol system.

Read the Code of Conduct here

SPP General Standard

In this document are present all the criteria that comply both, the Small Producers’ Organizations that are certified Small Producers Symbol, and companies that are registered.


SPP Regulation Graphics

Specifies the rules to be applied in the graphic use of the Small Producers’ Symbol.

Regulation Graphics

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